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Our Services

Services at Brar Mobile Veterinary

With mobile service Dr. P. Brar can give all the necessary shots for your pets in your home sweet home. Now you have the choice of calling the vet home or visiting the conventional clinics.





Heart Worm prevention

heart worm prevention
The heart worm can be a serious health issue which can be fatal. This parasite is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito. Ontario Veterinary Medical Association says the number of heart worm cases in Ontario is dramatically increasing. With Mobile service Dr P. Brar can do the blood test and the necessary preventive care in your cosy house



Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)
Your pets are prone to accidents and as a consequence can be pain or even show signs like limping. Moreover after some surgeries they need help to get back to their normal routine. Dr P. Brar helps by simple techniques and exercises. This can make a dramatic change in the recovery time



Our pets have emotions. There are many reasons that they start showing abnormal and social unaccepted behavior. This can be a cause of concern in your house or in the neighborhood. This problem may have a solution please contact Dr. P. Brar who may help find a solution to this botheration.




In case of an old pet or a pet is diagnosed with a serious disease to relieve the suffering
Dr. P. Brar will help provides gentle and peaceful end. Sedate the animals prior to euthanasia can make the process simple and free of pain.
We also provide cremation services for your pet. Some owners prefer private cremation and ashes back or paw
you choose private cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a convenient way in an urn of your choice. If you choose communal cremation, your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you. If you would prefer to bury your pet, please check your city’s bylaw.

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